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Sport=Specific Conditioning


Athletes, even young athletes, have increasingly more demands placed on them to be better, faster, stronger athletes. The latest buzz word in sports has been "sport-specific training". But what, exactly, does this mean? Sport-specific training is used to enhance and refine an athlete's skill in their sport. This is usually provided by their coaches.

Sport-specific conditioning is used to enhance and maximize the athlete's overall performance through a training program which focuses on flexibility, strength, agility, power, speed, mobility, endurance, mental preparedness, recovery and nutrition. More importantly, sport-specific conditioning is used to generate optimal performance while reducing the risk of injury.

Who can benefit from sport-specific conditioning?

Seasoned athletes who are looking to maintain their skills or even enhance their overall performance can benefit from sport-specific conditioning - especially during their off-season. Young athletes can also benefit greatly from sport-specific conditioning particularly since their bodies are still developing.

Our trainers are former athletes (high school, collegiate, semi-professional). Using their personal experiences and through working with and having discussions with your coach(es) and trainers, they develop conditioning programs that can help an athlete achieve their optimum potential while also preventing injury.


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