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"For every $1 employers invest in improving their employees' health and wellness, they save $3."

~ Sean Nicholson, PhD., Cornell University economist and leading researcher on the link between health and productivity.

Corporate Wellness

     $576 billion.

That's the estimated annual cost of lost productivity to U.S. businesses due to poor health in 2011 according to the Integrated Benefits Institute.  That figure is broken down into the following categories:

Wage replacement (incidental absence due to illness,
workers' comp, short-term disability, long-term disability)
$117 billion
Medical and pharmacy $232 billion
Lost productivity (absence due to illness, presenteeism*) $227 billion
Total $576 billion

In an effort to curb the rising health care plan costs, businesses offset their health care costs by shifting more of the plan costs onto their employees.  This, of course, creates a domino effect: lower morale in the workplace which leads to increased absenteeism and increased turnover (though, in this economy, employees are less likely to leave their job because of increased benefit costs).  

However, some companies have begun to recognize that shifting the burden of their rising health care premium costs onto their employees or trimming overall health care benefits isn't the answer.  More and more companies are embracing the benefits of instituting Wellness Initiatives.  Employees participating in their corporate wellness programs have been found to be healthier, happier and more productive.

At 3F-1 Fitness, our aim is to help you and your employees lead healthier lifestyles.  We work with you and your benefits department to understand what your overall corporate wellness goals are and design our programs around those objectives.  We integrate our on-site fitness classes and/or personal training with educational seminars about food, nutrition and lifestyle management.

If you're committed to making a positive impact for your company and your employees, contact us today to see how 3F-1 Fitness can help.
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